What is CyberWow?  of it to grow your ecommerce What is CyberWow? We tell you everything you need to know so that you can prepare your business and take full advantage of this massive campaign in Peru. edward eneque edward eneque Founder – CEO Unbeatable offers on thousands of items and services, high demand and one of the most anticipated moments by all; both customers and companies. What is CyberWow ?

Here we tell you everything you need to know about this important online event so that you can prepare your business and make the most of this massive campaign in Peru. CyberWow is the perfect time to help entrepreneurs and companies reach more buyers , because not only the offers make your ecommerce attractive , but also the entire user experience that is given to future customers, who may or may not recommend your brand with other people.

That Moves The Most

Although perhaps you already imagined it, the origins of this online event are in the United States, one of the countries  money annually in terms of ecommerce. Black Friday is one Dominican Republic Phone Number of the most anticipated moments for all North Americans and, after its success due to the incredible discounts offered by participating businesses, CyberWow, as we know it here, quickly became a worldwide sales phenomenon. . On the other hand, in our country, the organization of the event is in charge of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and it is expected


that this edition will have the participation of more than 200 brands and exceed the S/400 million in sales that was achieved in the July issue. woman buying online in an ecommerce How to sell and prepare for CyberWow? For an e-commerce to be successful at CyberWow, the first thing it must have is an adequate digital strategy that has the purpose of attracting customers and subsequent loyalty. And if you don’t have it, then this is think about consulting with experts and designing one, because according

The Best Time To

to studies, it is at this time that ecommerce traffic increases by up to 55% more than a conventional day. If you have doubts about how to boost your online sales, here we leave you. With 5 recommendations so you don’t miss this opportunity and make the most of this. New CyberWow: 1. Determine the main characteristics and profile of your users. Online sales allow us to reach countless customers. But it is important to identify our target audience and determine the characteristics of these users. If you want your

e-commerce to have really effective communication, you should worry about researching the tastes and preferences of. Those users who will or will carry out a transaction on your website. 2. Maximize the use of your social networks Social networks have become one of the main. Vehicles to bring traffic to your ecommerce. Continuously post about the products or services that your company sells and create a strategy that provides valuable content for your users . woman using her social networks 3. Optimize your

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