Here comes the point: I rememberd that I had already submitte an application a few days ago, but the approval status is under approval. Is the application for  Bahrain Phone Number a replacement card rejecte by the administrator? The author has confirme the approval of the OA, and the approval status of the supplementary card application is still “approve”. The author is puzzle: Therefore, I re-researche Bahrain Phone Numbers the function of “refill card application” from the product point of view: after the user submits the card replacement application (under approval), when the user operates the replacement

But the Approval Status Bahrain Phone Number

The card cannot be refille and there is no jump to the application details page for refilling the card. Bahrain Phone Number  1. Whether the problem is establishe Therefore, the author sets the same precondition: it is usd to Bahrain Phone Number compare the situation of “Summary of Monthly Statistics” and “Attendance Calendar Statistics” under the same conditions to operate [Refill Card Application] to see if the Bahrain Phone Numbers problem is true. Select the card-absent day (28th) Card replacement application has. Been submitte (status: under approval) The time of the operation is consistent, and. The set time for replenishing the card has exceede (2 days) 1. Attendance calendar statistics

Refilling the Card Bahrain Phone Number

Bahrain Phone Number List
Bahrain Phone Number List

Refill Card Application] is operate again: the page jumps to the “Refill Card Application. Details”   page (under approval) that the author fille out before, see. Below for details Screen recording gif: 2. Monthly summary statistics. Click on the monthly summary entry to.  Bahrain Phone Numbers enter the statistics page, and click the missing card (1 time) to. Display the specific missing card information: “2021-01-28 (Thursday) 18:00 丨 Go to process”. The user ha Bahrain Phone Numbers s submitte a card replacement application (under review and approval), clicks [Go to process] and selects [Refill card application] and the card replacement time has expire instead of jumping to the application

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