Does it make sense to continue debating whether or not brands should invest in digital marketing? The answer, according to the latest studies, is that no: it should not be debated whether or not digital marketing has a relevant role or not in the strategy of brands or whether it should work more or less in this field because The truth is that this communication tool for companies has already become part of normality. In other words, digital marketing is already an indisputable part of the marketing strategy. As they point out in the last report that Gartner has assigned to it, digital marketing has already become a mainstream element.

The consultancy has asked the marketing managers of the companies about their views on the challenges they face and the issues they have to fight on a day-to-day basis. The bottom line is that digital marketing is no longer an element to doubt There is little doubt that digital marketing is now mainstream,” explains Yvonne Genovese, group vice Poland phone number list   president at Gartner. “Marketers no longer make a clear difference between online and offline,” he adds. Given that consumers are demanding more and more experiences on the Internet and given that the Internet is more and more present in the lives of consumers, the Internet has simply become one more stage of contact. “Digital marketing is now marketing in the digital world,” Genovese emphasizes.

What does this mean? Basically, companies no longer see it as a rarity or as a world to experience but as one more part of the marketing strategy and as one more area in which they want to or do not have to work. This has pushed the strategies in different scenarios to be more and more merged and to be more and more related. In other words, the Internet is no longer free and what happens in one area is increasingly taken into account for what is expected in another.


In general, brands are spending more money on marketing than they were spending before, which shows that things are starting to get more fluid economically. Marketing budgets are up in 2015 overall by 10%, according to Gartner data, and expectations are for them to continue to rise in 2016. 61% of companies say, in fact, that they will increase their marketing spending even more in 2016.

Not only will marketers spend more money on marketing, but they will also be much more varied in what they are doing. According to Gartner data, 10% of marketers are already going beyond traditional digital marketing techniques and are increasing the weight of what these can imply in the development of business models and opportunities.

Once digital marketing has become commonplace and something that everyone is doing, brands have to find a new differential element, a new reality that makes what they are doing completely different from what they do. others and surprising. The position could now be made available for e-commerce. The rise of e-commerce is an opportunity for marketers,” explains Jake Sorofman, vice president of research at Gartner, as it allows them to more clearly match the investment made with the income generated

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