citizenship?  from England and created the United States cease to be English and become Americans with this political act? Did they stop belonging to one nation and move on to another? Didn’t they share the same language and culture? How long does it take – and what needs to happen – to stop being “one” of one nation and “feel” part of another? Do you just need the feeling? If the US they are a nation, what has been the process of its construction? It is not at all curious that in the case we consider that the US be it a nation –

is it made up of a mixture of successiveall over the world, less than those of its origin, who call themselves “Indian nations”? We look at the borders of African states; the lines drawn with rule in an office of any ministry of a European state, what separate? Does it make the same sense to talk about nations in Europe as in Africa? Can a nation emerge from the creation of a state? In this context, should we identify nation and ethnicity? When Germany was divided into West Germany and East Germany, was it a single nation divided into two states?

Waves Of Migrants From

Does this imply that state and nation do not have to be coincident? The Korean War (1950-53) led to Benin Phone Number he partition of Korea into two states: but does not a single Korean nation still exist? When Portugal belonged to the Spanish monarchy, was it a nation? Or has it become a nation since it became independent around 1640? So it is the state that creates the nation? To affirm statutorily that Catalonia is a nation is to affirm that the Catalan nation is Catalonia, where the Statute has value. In other words, Catalonia is a nation that reaches, to the south, to the river Sénia. Politically irrefutable


delimitation, institutionally clear, and which has been voted in a referendum. What, then, make up the Roussillon, the West or Aragon Strip, the Valencian Country and the Balearic Islands, that is,  and statutorily excluded from Catalonia-nation ?. Whoever claims that Catalonia is a nation, and puts it in the Statute of Catalonia, can at the same time state that the Catalan Countries are also a nation? Or should we resort to the formula of confederation of nations?

The Territories Formally

But aren’t the Confederates the states? So would Switzerland be a confederation of nations? For a national community to exist, it seems a necessary and sufficient condition that a large enough number of people believe it for a long enough time. In the case of Spain, there is no doubt that there are many people who believe, from Cadiz to Cadaqués, from Cabo de Gata to Finisterre, that they are Spanish and that Spain exists as a nation. Those who claim that Catalonia is a nation, what legitimizes them to say that Spain is not a nation? And vice versa, those who say that Spain

is a nation, what are they based on to say that Catalonia is not a nation? If Spain is the Spanish nation, and therefore the nation of all Spaniards, how will another nation fit into the nation, assuming that the category of nation is the same? What role does chance (the multiple economic and political interactions that occur in any historical process) play in the shaping of national spaces? Let us imagine that Bismarck had incorporated Austria into the Reich: would it mean that neither the

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