The local version of dating is 58’s first live dating product for the sinking. Market. Additionally Russia Phone Number is mainly aime at the huge domestic single group. And single/divorce youth in the sinking market. The background of the dating operation is that the local dating has focuse on the past Russia Phone Number year. In the blind date live broadcast room, after the number of gifts in the early stage. Is expande to a certain amount, it is necessary to attract traffic to the live broadcast room and increase the. Income of the live broadcast room. Therefore, it is necessary to cooperate with different activities as a selling point to achieve. The purpose of commercializing the live broadcast. Base on the content platform. Of local dating live broadcasts, i will take ”lichun heat value competition” as an example to share the design ideas of local dating operation gameplay.

Early Stage Is Expanded to a Russia Phone Number

platform relate to entertainment and dating live broadcast. We try to link the anchors and users from the way of thinking of games, and sort out the design.  Russia Phone Number Additionally  of the local dating operation gameplay. Design  Russia Phone Number exploration is carrie out from four aspects. Interpersonal relationship, game mechanics, emotional design and visual representation. 01 enhance the interpersonal relationship between anchors and. Additionally , dating links matchmakers and users, blind date live. Additionally  Russia Phone Number  are a bridge for interaction between the two parties, and. The interactive gameplay in live broadcasts enriches. And strengthens the relationship between matchmakers

Games, and sort out the Russia Phone Number

Russia Phone Number List
Russia Phone Number List

The confrontation mode of “matchmaker pk” is similar to the one-on-one pk in the game. Moreover  the basis of blind date live broadcast, the introduction of anchor. Additionally , innovation in blind date live broadcast. It uses competition Russia Phone Numbers to connect anchors with more users. And make the relationship between anchors and users closer. Moreover   Russia Phone Numbers lichun heat value competition” gameplay is an upgraded version. Moreover  the confrontation mode. It is similar to the team confrontation in the game, increasing. The anchor’s heat value, so that users can find their own sense of belonging, and the anchor and users can win honors and rewards together. 02 operational gameplay introduces game mechanics in order. Moreover  the relationship between matchmakers and users, the game competition.

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