Your logo is the first line of marketing   for your company. It’s everywhere from business cards to billboards, so of course creating something different and expressive is the goal of every business owner. You find yourself longing for a symbol that is unique, bold or whimsical—and that represents your company appropriately, of course. So you tell your designer, “I want something like Apple or Nike.” Sigh. With his palm on his forehead, he replies, “Can you give me some more details about your company, please? What’s your marquee product? Who is your target customer?” Trust me, your designer gets asked Create a logo of Apple or Nike caliber every single day.

There are two fundamental problems

There are two fundamental problems with this request Albania WhatsApp Number List Creating a unique logo that doesn’t have an obvious connection to your business can be risky. 2) The Apple and Nike logos are not as arbitrary as most people think—there was a method to the madness. Origin stories of some unique logos — Apple Original Apple Logo with Sir Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree. The original Apple logo: busy and cumbersome. A bitten apple has nothing to do with computers, right? Since an apple has no obvious link to computers. Most people assume the iconic Apple logo is completely arbitrary.

But when you look at the original logo designed

But when you look at the original logo.  Designed in 1976 by Ronald Wayne, you’ll see that the design included a sketch of Sir Isaac Newton sitting under the apple tree; the one that dropped the fruit that would change science forever. Through this detailed logo, Apple hoped to align itself with one of the premier thought leaders of all time—not a bad move. But the the logo was too busy. Its complex and detailed design didn’t translate well to the various mediums on which it would be emblazoned, like your computer monitor.  Apple fell into a common trap of innovative (and non-intuitive) logo design: taking a route that was way too cerebral.

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