The delegate of the profeco in guanajuato commented. That several affected seek the reimbursement of their money. And a response from the patronage and the organizers. Of the event it is estimated that about 15,000 people gathered. To enter the event seeking to see the rapper’s. Presentation the complainants seek a solution. Since they had a ticket for the event the patronage of. The fair and the organizers of the event were the main ones pointed. Out after what happened during the night of wednesday of. Last week the rapper santa fe klan. Performed during with attention to, a stellar event at the león fair.

However, the Event Got Out of Control Because

The large crowd of people important to realize, who wanted to see their. Participation in said event gathered thousands of people. Causing the demolition Russia B2B List of protection fences causing. A door to slam that caused multiple effects on both the facilities. And the the attendees to the events and the organizers. For this reason various fans of the rapper raise complaints before. Profeco seeking solutions for the payment of their ticket and the doorman. Generated after what happened due to the slamming. Of the event various followers of the mexican rapper. Have now filed various complaints with the federal consumer. Protection agency (profeco) since they point. Out that they had on the positive side, a paid ticket for the event.

It Is Estimated That at Least 15,000 People

Russia B2B List

Gathered outside the venue where the event will take place. And after a moment of uncertainty the situation ended in an act. Of some violence as they sought to enter the event by force. After several days after what happened on tuesday night. Vanessa montes de oca, the delegate in guana juato of profeco. Announced through social networks that several complaints. They paid for their ticket in line zero and which were left unable. To enter the event. 00:05 / 00:15 00:13 / 00:15 the delegate. Of profeco in guana juato commented that various. Affected people are seeking reimbursement of their money.

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