Therefore, June 14, 1920 , Max Weber , a jurist, economist, historian, and founding father of sociology, died in Munich . Relatively little known during his lifetime for his constant illnesses and absences from university, he became a major sociologist, a great classicist, and a founding father of our discipline throughout the twentieth century, equated only with Émile Durkheim and Karl Marx. Weber’s work is prolific, erudite, full of very fine observations and uncompromising militancy against those who sought in science in general and in sociology in particular answers to existential questions about how to live and what is good and bad.

Max Weber of modernity . For him, the main feature of modernity, which he saw developing rapidly throughout his life, is a growing process of rationalization that embraces more and more spheres of our lives and more and more relentlessly. Consistent with his position, Weber tried not to evaluate or assess this process, only to understand and analyze it through the conceptual and methodological apparatus that he developed throughout his life. As a modest tribute to this founding father of sociology, to this giant on whose shoulders we have learned to look at the world around us, we would like to gather today a series of.

Was A Great Thinker

Therefore, quotes from his work that have been key to us as sociologists, in our training and beyond, and who have made Max Weber an indispensable voice in our way of conceiving and Denmark Phone Number Practicing sociology . We will begin with the quotation that focuses more on his understanding of social action – the object of central study of sociology by this author: 1. Social action (including tolerance or omission) is  by. The actions of others, which may be past, present or expected as future. (Revenge for previous attacks, reply to present attacks, defense measures against future attacks) . The “others” can be individualized and known. Or a plurality of indeterminate and completely unknown individuals (the “money”,


Therefore, for example, means a good – of change – in the traffic because his action is guided by. The expectation of that many others, now indeterminate and unknown. Will be willing to accept it too, for their part, in a future change). Not every kind of action – even external action – is “social” in the sense admitted here. For now, external action is not. When it is only guided by the expectation of certain reactions of material objects. Intimate behavior is social action only when it is guided by the actions of others. It is not, for example, religious behavior when it is nothing more than contemplation, solitary prayer, etc.

That The Agent Admits

The economic activity (of an individual) is only so to the extent that it takes into account the activity of third parties. (…) Not all kinds of contact between men have a social character ; but only an action with its own meaning directed at the action of others. A crash between two cyclists, for example, is a simple event of the same nature as a natural. Phenomenon. On the other hand, a social action would already appear in the attempt to avoid. The encounter or in the fight or friendly considerations subsequent to. The encounter. Social action is not identical a) neither to a homogeneous action of many, b) nor to the action of someone influenced by the conduct of others . (…)

The limit, however, is so fluid that a distinction is hardly possible. The simple fact, however. That someone accepts for himself a certain attitude. Learned in others and that seems. convenient for his ends, is not a social action in our sense. For in this case he did. Not guide his action by the action of others, but by observinghe became aware of certain objective probabilities. Directing his conduct by them. (… ) The foundation of the fluidity of these cases. like that of several others, is that the orientation by the conduct of others and. The meaning of one’s own action can in no way always be clearly defined. Nor is it always conscious , much less fully conscious.

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