In Spain there is a big problem in reference to the status of content marketing, and that is that we are not yet fully aware of the efficiency and return it generates and also with a minimum investment. Faced with this problem and ignorance, we have raised the I Hoyreka! Content Marketing Report in Spain 2015! The main objective of this study is to give a general assessment of the content marketing situation in Spain and to give an evaluation of what works best and, above all, the level of satisfaction of Spanish companies with this marketing strategy.

90.3% of those surveyed affirm that they do content marketing in their company, so we can affirm that in Spain we are already almost aware of what it is and what it is for, but there is still no great collective awareness about the return that said strategy generates. 81.1% of those surveyed claim to have a degree of satisfaction equal to or greater than 7 out of 10, which is a fairly high figure compared to the current investment in this type of marketing strategy. Currently, 51.8% of those surveyed dedicate between € 0 and € 999 a month to their content marketing actions, something very common among micro-SMEs.

The stories have accompanied us since the world is world. It is the power of these contents that allows us to attract and retain customers. Already before Christ this superhuman power existed in stories. With the  Egypt phone number list passage of time and the continuous technological evolutions that we have experienced, we can see how this phenomenon has led to a discipline such as content marketing. Content marketing offers undoubted advantages for brands. One of the factors that we consider in the sector are the trends that will guide it, since these will mark the way forward as well as the business niches available in the market.

Despite this, we observe how in Spain the full acceptance of content marketing is slower than in other countries such as the United States. Although, little by little we observe how brands are increasingly aware of the importance of renewing their online marketing techniques to get closer to their target audience. And of all the strategies, there is one with a first and last name: content marketing.

If we talk about trends in the US, according to the Content Marketing Institute: “advertising will adapt to the new needs of customers and the role of content marketing will take center stage.” And it is that the offer of useful and practical content to get new customers and retain existing ones is considered a viable and feasible possibility, since it involves a reduction in costs compared to traditional advertising campaigns.

Native advertising is another key point in this new era of content. Adapting content to its natural environment is essential to assess the effectiveness of a certain content in a certain space and in turn we approach more personalized advertising and content. This is in tune with the description of our “buyer person”. Before starting our content marketing strategy, we must be clear about what and for whom we are writing, that is, define the target audience of the brand in detail.

New content formats are necessary in this new era in which brands are evolving and growing in the content creation process. There are two clear paths in the brands that have been doing content marketing for a couple of years: on the one hand, those that begin to optimize the conversion processes and the effectiveness of their content; and on the other hand those who are looking for new types of content to use so as not to fall into the routine.

Therefore, innovating in the creation of content will be key for 2016. Those who dare with new formats and new ways of communicating what they want to tell will be those brands that take the lead over their competitors. Among these new content on trend we find surveys, interactive content, gifs, etc. Other terms that we must not lose sight of to understand the evolution of the digital sector are “Big Data” and “loT” (Internet of Things), since there is a growing need to understand how everything is connected to around us, how to process all the data to improve the effectiveness of the digital process of our company. All of these terms, tools, and tactics directly affect

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