Think about how you put your brand in the context of their lives. The trick is to not just talk about yourself and avoid getting stuck in the ‘how’ or ‘what’ with a one-off Instagram post. Otherwise there is no layering little meaning and therefore no bonding or engagement. So put first ‘How can we create synergy together’ instead of ‘How do I get the most out of it’ Because more money is now involv in influencer marketing than ever the power is also increasingly with the successful influencers. They become selective in entering into partnerships and are in a position to choose what is truly valuable and authentic to them rather than just thinking about how much money it will bring in. They think long term. If a message is too commercial or not valuable to their followers they will drop out.

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Hand picking Nowadays you can instantly download a list of influencers from a database. This allows you to conclude practical and automat agreements and then evaluate the data in a generat sheet. Neat lists of numbers that make many marketers happy. However this way you also Uruguay Phone Number leave a lot behind. Long-term and personal relationships with carefully select influencers have real impact and ultimately provide add value. So think of influencers as unique personalities and content creators who are close to the target group instead of just names with reach figures in a database. Get to know the influencer The great thing is that social mia offers all the transparency to get to know an influencer well.

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This allows you to approach him or her very personally for example through a DM on Instagram with a motivation why you would like to work together. There is enough Bold Data personal information online to write a catchy pitch. Start interacting. Comment and thank the influencers after posting. Goodwill enthusiasm and not too much guidance will get you the furthest. Then there is much more creativity and commitment. Harder to express in numbers unfortunately but lucrative for building your brand image.

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