The content revalidates its status for 2015, for many compelling reasons. It has managed to demonstrate its effectiveness, for which a lower investment is required than for other marketing actions. It also has the approval of customers, who find it useful, rather than intrusive, as is often the case with ads. For this reason, 90% of companies already practice content marketing, according to Kapost in his extensive collection of data on the influence and application of content marketing within the online marketing strategy: Consumers enjoy consuming and sharing content 68% of consumers actively demand content about those brands and products that interest them. 55% say they spend more time than ever. 80% of customers in the United States consume this type of content on blogs and their social profiles; an activity to which he dedicates 23% of his time online. For 70%, the content allows them to know more about the company, and feel closer to it. 90% consider this type of content useful, while 78% consider that companies that are committed to content marketing have a special interest in connecting with customers, and fostering relationships. 64% of consumers value the content’s ability to convey brand values.

Personalization is the key to conversion , in content marketing. Personalized content is the one that really impacts the target audience, and gets their desired response. 61% of consumers feel more willing to buy from companies that provide personalized content, oriented to their interests. Content preferences supersede advertising . 70% of consumers prefer to discover brands and products through articles, rather than advertisements. In addition, it encourages them to want to know more. 60% of buyers have been motivated to continue looking for information about a certain product, after having read something about it. Content attracts users  Denmark Whatsapp Number List  to follow brands on social media. It appears as one of the 3 main reasons that they argue, when starting to follow a brand on Social Media. Content is an effective and non-intrusive marketing tool 60% of companies develop content marketing actions on a weekly basis, allocating a third of their budget.

This activity has allowed them to multiply the conversion rate of their website by 6 times. They have also been able to save up to 13% per lead, and $ 14 for each new customer. On average, 41% of companies claim to obtain a positive ROI from their content strategy. The inbound marketing strategy attracts 54% more leads to the conversion funnel than traditional outbound marketing actions. For 72% of companies, content is more effective than magazine advertising, PR, or direct marketing. The content must be dynamic and bet on creativity. If we compare interactive content with passive content, the former is more effective in informing the customer about the product (93% vs 70%), makes the difference with the competition (88% vs 55%) and has more possibilities to be shared (38% vs 17%).

What does content marketing hold for us in the future? The content will not go out of style, at least in the medium term. 78% of CMOs believe it is the future. We cannot forget the potential of online video. Online video is expected to account for about 70% of consumer demand for content in 2017. 67% of companies will increase their budget on YouTube, while 35% plan to increase their commitment to short videos. The combination of video and posts contributes to enriching the content and increasing its impact. These types of videos get up to 3 times more inbound links than the rest. 75% of executives consume corporate videos about companies and products at least once a week. Likewise, the image continues to be an irresistible attraction for users, capable of generating 94% more visits to the articles it accompanies. Consequently, the data shows that content marketing continues to be a profitable and effective asset for companies, which not only brings them benefits, but also trust in the company, and greater knowledge about it and its products.

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