The ephemeral or the lasting good One that appeals to the many or the few. The impressive or the subtle The superficial or the deep The extravagant or the frugal. The national or the international. The one who shouts or the one who is silent Once the answers would be certain. Today they are uncertain. The diversity of society allows for a corresponding diversity of values. This is why the individual judge can only apply his own opinion on values.  The problem is not so much in the area of ​​democratic behavior or numerical statistics but much more of ethics. But if meritocracy ceased to stand in the way of personal arbitrariness shouldn’t something. Else remain Something workable and fully defined. Can transparency soften for forms console the contempt for substance.All of us constantly being judged by someone. Stronger than us know that at least the transparency. The procedures ensures our presence and makes our proposal known then it would be easier for us.

Accept our ostracism which would be due

The good or bad choice of which we cannot objectively judge. However the representatives of all powers squeezed by the specter of an unknown meritocracy and seduced by personal desires that they do not dare. Confess prefer to cover their judgment under hidden procedures Clipping Path Service and mechanized formulas attributing to them what they should consider as their own. And so the subsidies are distributed the sponsorships are offered. The titles are awarded and the positions are allocated while weapons that suit the opacity of the types. The lunches and dinners the exchanges and promises the flatteries and introductions the background. But if one day a public functionary an official a midwife a and admits that he chooses with subjective criteria then. I will know that we may have lost meritocracy but we have gained honesty and courage. Every criminal act is primarily an act of violence. Criminal violence however is essentially a culmination and amplification of common everyday violence and has its roots in the hidden violence of actions and omissions that fill our lives.

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The varied pollution of common spaces

The disappearance of some simple and in the past established values ​​has not only degraded the quality of life. But it is possible that it has also contributed to a certain extent to the increase of small. Then large crime through the wider elasticity and tolerance established to deal with Bold Data everyday violence. Actions or omissions that we often encounter today and that many considered normal a few years ago would have caused family and social disapproval. Lying or petty theft do not cause the shame and disgust that they once did. Perhaps the eventual reaction is only due to the risk of their disclosure and not to the unworthiness of the act. Systematic for example petty theft from shops or restaurants seems to be purified in. The eyes of most people due to the small economic value while. This should not affect the moral judgment with inscriptions. L or litter is almost acceptable especially if it is surrounded by sociopolitical contestations. But even more common is the tolerance towards financial crime.

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