Complaints with the rapid evolution of the market caused. By covid-19 businesses had to adopt digitization to survive. However the opportunities for different business sizes. And development (oecd) states that in its member countries. Including mexico, large companies are more than. Twice as likely as small ones and medium-sized enterprises. (smes) to participate in electronic commerce. Therefore it is necessary for entrepreneurs to apply a solid. Digital strategy that allows them to expand. In the market the report latin america ecommerce forecast 2021. Carried out by insider intelligence points out that before the. Pandemic ecommerce was in the early stages of adoption.

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And works consumes entertainment and generates. A new trend of commerce as telmex increases. The speed internet benefits the user VP Quality Email List and family spending. Among internet providers telefónica de méxico. Sab de cv better known as telmex is a mexican tele. Communications company which offers it service. (fixed and try telephony) currently this company has. Just over 300,000 km fiber optic throughout the national territory. And with at least 39 submarine cable connections to different countries. Of broadband in mexico and therefore a. Of the three main telecommunications companie.

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Received an increase in their total megabytes in a way. Completely free this disturbing message to the community. Which quickly began to viralize the information on twitter. And realizing that this is true began to celebrate the. Initiative of the telecommunications company. 00:05 / 00:15 00:08 / 00:15 it is worth mentioning. That it is hidden until now how the creditors for said benefit. Were selected as well as the reason why telmex has. Decided to offer the bonus however users on social networks. Celebrate the initiative and comment on how pleased. The gender action is since it is worth mentioning that telmex. Has had various active problems exposed on networks.

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