Content renews its leadership within B2B companies. This is reflected in the latest annual report published by the CMI (Content Marketing Institute) and MarketingProfs. 86% of these companies will bet this year on content marketing. If we compare this figure with the results of previous years, we can see that it has decreased compared to 2013 (93%), and even compared to the conclusions registered in 2012.

However, this does not necessarily imply less interest when it comes to betting on content. On this occasion, the report specifies, for the first time, a clear and precise definition of content marketing, referring to “the definition of a strategic marketing approach, focused on the creation and distribution of relevant and quality content, aimed at a specific audience , in order to achieve a specific, profitable objective for the company “.

Thus, 48% of the surveyed companies affirm that they have a  New Zealand WhatsApp Number List  documented content marketing strategy, while 48% indicate that they have a strategy, although not specifically registered. As expected, those companies that act based on documented strategic planning reported greater effectiveness than the rest.

On the other hand, it is not enough just to have a strategy, but it must be followed, something that only 42% of the companies participating in the study comply with; while 51% only have it for reference. For these reasons, we are not surprised by the fact that the rate of satisfaction with the effectiveness of content marketing by companies does not exceed 38%.

What are brands trying to achieve with content marketing? 84% of brands want to increase brand awareness. Likewise, lead generation appears in a very similar percentage (83%), within the priority scale, followed by promoting engagement (81%).

Apart from these priority objectives, 2 out of 3 companies want to increase web traffic, with their content marketing actions, increase the quality of leads (49%), or improve conversion (48%). To achieve this, their main challenge is to generate attractive content, which conquers the target audience (54%) as well as maintaining a record (50%) and measuring its effectiveness (49%). In principle, only 21% of companies are able to know the ROI.

Companies plan to allocate more resources to content marketing The report shows a clear predisposition to continue betting on content within the marketing strategy. Thus, more than half of the companies (55%) highlighted their intention to significantly increase their content marketing budget. Despite this change, its representation within the global budget does not exceed 28%, while the previous year it was 30%.

Content marketing is moving towards professionalization, which implies strategic planning, investment of resources and a real commitment to quality and usefulness for the target audience. Only to this will they be able to obtain the objectives set.

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