Companies are increasingly aware of the need to work on their brand recognition, to emphasize their attributes and personality as an organization. A quality, on the other hand, increasingly valued by Google, according to the words of Matt Cutts himself, collected in the Bratfon article: “Over time, Google brings greater relevance to the reputation of the brand and its identity” As a result, according to data provided by eMarketer, 56% of companies plan to allocate more resources to enhance their brand awareness in the next 12 months. One way to achieve this objective is to frequently provide quality content, the relevance of which reverts directly to the brand.

It is important to bear in mind that Google does not reserve a preferential position exclusively for large brands, but that any company, regardless of its size, can occupy a prominent place in its ranking. Everything will depend on your ability to add value, to create really good content, and frequently, in such a way that it becomes a benchmark in your sector. As  South Africa WhatsApp Number List  proof of the effect of brand awareness on search results, SearchMetrics data shows how pages whose url picks up the brand name are taking over search results versus domains that include keywords.

Likewise, certain niche brands are also positioning themselves with their brand name, for long-tail searches around which they have developed content, before other companies that have not worked on this strategy to reinforce their SEO. At this point, how can brands stand out from their competition, increasing their relevance on the internet? Content marketing is the main answer to this need. To stand out, it is necessary to design an attractive content strategy that includes quality pieces of a diverse nature.

From blog posts, about relevant topics, to videos and visual content, such as infographics; along with an active presence in Social Media. It is about adding value, in all its forms, promoting its dissemination and always being aware of the daily news. Qualities that Google greatly appreciates The perfect breeding ground It is logical to think that this type of marketing is all the rage today if we analyze a little the social environment in which we live:A rampant crisis that squeezes you into looking for new alternatives or creating them yourself. An opacity and mistrust in almost any social sphere (let’s not talk about the political one?)

That collides with any indication of light, trust and transparency. Internet is established as a perfect medium to undertake nationally and globally. The second youth who are experiencing blogs as a marketing and sales channel using techniques such as storytelling . That is to say, that by boat we soon have a perfect breeding ground to infect others with our personal success with an enviable lifestyle. And we also have the perfect channel to teach it to everyone, every day of the year and 24 hours a day. There is na ‘! Empathy is the key This formula is not new. The “get rich like me” model has been around since marketing is marketing, only now it is played with other rules,

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