What objectives do companies set for their digital strategy? What are they based on to measure the effectiveness of their actions? As reflected in the Salesforce global survey, this year, companies will take as the main metric of their marketing strategy the increase in profits (32%), followed by the degree of customer satisfaction (30%). Interestingly, measuring ROI doesn’t appear until third place, mentioned by 23% of survey participants.

The report states that this year companies will focus their efforts especially on business development, obtaining quality leads and staying up-to-date on technological innovations and marketing trends (27%). Likewise, attracting new customers (26%) will continue to be a priority objective, together with the integration of marketing tools and measuring the return on investment of its strategy (25%).

When it comes to selecting the most effective techniques, companies highlight the role of email marketing (68%), along with Social Media (67%), SEO / SEM (66%) and their corporate website (64%). The report  Ukraine phone number list   equates the effectiveness of email marketing to that of advertising on Social Media (68%). 84% of companies plan to increase or maintain their digital marketing budget this year. According to their statements, 70% of those surveyed will allocate more resources to their Social Media strategy, while 67% intend to bet on actions based on geolocation for mobiles, apps and push strategies for these devices (65%).

Likewise, marketing strategists do not forget about web personalization (65%), an area where more resources should be allocated, as well as in the case of automation marketing (63%), content marketing (62%) and video marketing. (60%). Businesses are developing a greater mobile awareness, around which their marketing goals and strategies revolve. 2 out of 3 have already integrated their actions on these devices into their global marketing strategy, 50% more than last year.

On the one hand, they have been able to appreciate the effectiveness of their loyalty actions (86%), and mobile optimization, or the development of apps, appears as a priority objective for 43%. On the other hand, a large part of the investment in technology will go to the monitoring and optimization of the customer’s journey throughout the purchase process. For more than half of them (57%) it is a crucial aspect.

Decidedly, 2015 is presented as the year where technology will allow optimizing the strategy, and directing actions to customer expectations. Starting from mobile devices, companies will try to approach their target audience with an adapted message, using Social Media and e-mail marketing, to reach their inbox.

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