Data and intelligence are not the only essential elements that an organization needs to implement an analytics strategy on clear objectives. It is believed that providing data is the only important thing to beat the competition and draw powerful insights. What happens here is that you are choosing the shortest way to find results. Results that may well be good but not the most efficient and correct for the organization.

It is evident that the communication of ideas, concepts and conclusions play a fundamental role in the transmission of knowledge and improvements of a company. The act of communicating not only involves a specific area but the entire organism of the company. That said, communication moves in all directions (vertical and horizontal) in the organizational hierarchy. Therefore, underestimating it is falling into a serious error that can generate different interpretations and general discomfort.

With the context clear, you should focus your gaze on digital analytics. The visits, the pixel conversion, ROI, impressions, CTR and other elements, are the obsessions of the analysis areas. One can download the  Macedonia Whatsapp Number List   data, refine it, create valuable information and generate conclusions; but none of this would make sense if there is no order of ideas between those responsible for generating such information and those responsible for making decisions.

Although no one will have the same perception of things, it is necessary to agree on certain parameters for the processes. The managerial leadership will have its vision focused on the broad resources and total profits, the middle managers will have an interest in carefully observing the valuable information to improve their area, but no one decides to meet to agree on the global objectives. Most might believe that it is obvious, but what is known as “obvious” only exists in the perception of a person.

There must be an interest from all areas to know what the desired results are. The manager must be the best person to guide the processes, in addition to providing all the necessary information to do a correct job and not have a wrong result. Here communication is the invisible way to be effective and get the right conclusions. Web or digital analytics is not based on numbers or data, it is based on a more powerful and important condition, which is the improvement of the company. Therefore, only reducing said work to request / generate weekly data is a symptom of not communicating or knowing the objectives.

What connection exists between all the above and communication? It would be believed that very little, but if the areas know what the company wants to achieve, the work of digital analytics will begin to have a clear and precise direction. This precision is not based on having elaborate numbers or projections, it is based on trusting the results, engaging robust and irrefutable information to obtain unmatched value. Not having effective communication the only thing that will be achieved is to slow down the processes, not find solutions and not find that valuable information that is often before our eyes.

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