Coca-cola will have a presence within the 46. Taco bell points of sale in costa rica. Taco bell has more than 6,500 restaurants around the world. Brazil, china, india, chile and costa. Rica have fast food chain franchises. On february 14. The official announcement of the commercial. Alliance between the fast food restaurant chain and the soft. Drink company was made. The taco bell fast food restaurant chain has. Specialized since 1962 in tex-mex food. Taking florida as its headquarters. The restaurant chain began its expansion in 1977 when. It opened its first international restaurant in guam.

Reaching Today Count With Just Over 6,000 Restaurants Within

The united states and more than 500 outside the country. Including brazil, china, india, chile and costa rica, which on february 14. Announced its new commercial alliance with. The multinational soft drink company coca cola. This new alliance Morocco WhatsApp Number List will allow coca-cola to introduce. Its soft drink catalog in all the restaurants belonging. To the fast food firm in the country as it has. Been working since january to continue. Providing uninterrupted service within its 46 outlets. Sale this change includes all kinds of technical. Operational and commercial resources. In addition to joint work that allows maintaining a good. Service and supply of resources likewise the change. Of the infrastructure and installations of the new machines was.

Carried Out Two Restaurants Per Night Preventing

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Inconvenience to consumers. Through a press release the fast food restaurant firm. Announced that the project has an exclusivity for. Coca-cola and its product catalog which leaves out bottlers such as pepsi. With which it had been working for a long time. For what I know that informs that now within the. Coca-cola restaurants destined 117 equipment. 69 dispensers and approximately 48 ice machines. With which it seeks to cover the 46 points of sale and the. Next openings 00:10 / 00:15 similarly it was announced that with this. Alliance, costa rica joins countries such as. Brazil and chile in having an alliance of this type however.

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