From the ichthys1 to the cross.Ecuador WhatsApp Number List symbols have been a part of Christianity since ancient history. Modern churches make great effort to connect with that history, while still reaching out to the modern parishioner. Enter: the church logo. There are as many ways to approach logo design as there are to approach your faith. It’s hard to even say one logo is “better” than another. As long as it conveys the message of your congregation, then it’s the right logo for you. That being said, here are some of our favorite church logos, which just might inspire you, as well. Traditional cross logos — The cross is, of course, one of the oldest symbols of Christianity.

It’s kinda what separates

It’s kinda what separates.Ecuador WhatsApp Number List Jesus from just a really nice dude. As this symbol is a central tenet of the faith, using the cross in your logo positions your church as a classic house of worship, with traditional values. logo design Logo design by TwentyStudio Logo design by Colored Coffee for First Baptist Church Amite Logo design by itzzzo for Christ the King Logo design by Delia for Christ the King Church Via Crossway Church Stylized cross logos — Of course, the cross is also a wholly depressing symbol, being an instrument of torture and all. That’s why some churches try to find a to incorporate a more cheery outlook on the execution of the founder of their faith.

One way to do that is to create

Ecuador WhatsApp Number List
Ecuador WhatsApp Number List

One way to do that is to create more colorful.Ecuador WhatsApp Number Listabstract interpretation of the cross, to deemphasize its original purpose. This can be a good way to link a less-traditional congregation with a classic symbol. Good Shepherd church logo Logo design by Lush Logos for Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church menai church logo Via Menai Anglican Church gracepointe church logo Logo design by Fivestar Branding Another method is to incorporate the cross into a broader design scheme, as with the following logos. Notice that these are not so much a Where’s Waldo game with the cross in place of Waldo; it’s more that the cross is part of the the larger mission.

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