Each february during black history month, we celebrate. The work and legacy of prominent black leaders. Who paved the way for racial equity and inclusion. In the united states it’s also a time when people. Celebrate black culture and history, including music. Art, literature, and more within the black american. Community as a whole, there is a plethora of. Diverse groups and experiences one of these groups is the. Black deaf community, which has its own culture and language. In this article, we will highlight the history of. Black deaf culture in america, black american sign language (asl), and the importance of its legacy. Beyond black history month.

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The origins of black asl african american men and women in colorful clothes stand one by one. Sign. Language is a form of communication that consists Cayman Islands Phone number primarily of hand signs and other body movements. Including facial expressions and body postures. Depending on where you are in the world, sign language. May vary. For example, in the united states, most deaf people use american sign language to. Communicate. However, in nicaragua, deaf. People use nicaraguan sign language (nsl) just because an. American and a nicaraguan use sign language doesn’t mean they can understand each other. Every. Language has its nuances, grammar and complexities, just like any other spoken language. Asl is not a. Universal language, even in the united states.

Various Groups of Deaf People Sign Differently

Depending on their race and where they are in the country. This is where black asl comes in. During american slavery, there were no established. Schools for black children – deaf or hearing. After the civil war. And the abolition of slavery, blacks began to open. Their own schools as they were not allowed to attend. Schools with white students. Even deaf children, regardless of race, attended. Different schools from their hearing counterparts. This meant that black deaf children had to attend schools specifically created for their. Race and disability. It was during this period of segregation that deaf black. Communities had to use different. Means of linguistic socialization to communicate.

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