Cats are everywhere in our culture.New Zealand WhatsApp Number List Since ancient times, they have been regarde as special, and have been afforded a cherishe place in our lives because of their characteristic independence, intelligence, quickness and elegance… it’s no wonder people have been using cats in artwork and design for millennia. Today you’ll find cats not only all over social media, but also in branding. Cat logos are all the rage because people are eager to associate themselves with the many of (p)awesome kitty qualities. The cats of 99designs The cats of 99designs A catwalk through history — bastet cat headed goddess via Life, Science and Fiction You may already know that the ancient Egyptians revered cats.

But their admiration went

But their admiration went way beyond appreciation. New Zealand WhatsApp Number List Cats were truly sacred in their society, and there were severe penalties for injuring a cat. Killing a cat even meant certain death. One of their most widely worshipped goddesses was the cat goddess, Bastet. Depicted as half woman, half cat, Bastet was the goddess of the home, who guarded against evil spirits and illness. In ancient China, another goddess, Li Shou, was also depicte in cat form. Li Shou was a goddess put in charge of Earth after its creation. But cats soon lost their privilege as rulers because they were disintereste in running Earth. However, because it was believe cats could speak with the gods, and humans could not, they continue to be highly regarde.

When cats were smuggled

New Zealand WhatsApp Number List
New Zealand WhatsApp Number List

When cats were smuggle into.New Zealand WhatsApp Number List Europe from Egypt, they became important figures in Norse mythology. But they soon lost their rank in society during the. Middle Ages when the. Christian church methodically began to demonize all pagan symbols. Now cats became associated with evil and witchcraft. An unfortunate depiction that would stick with cats for 100s of years. But today cats are obviously back on friendly terms with the. Church, as well as with most everyone on the planet. In the last few 100 years, cats have been employe as pest control as well as belove companion animals (it’s estimate that there are at least 74 million pet cats in the United States).

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