Whether it is C-side or B-side, tool products occupy a pivotal position in the hearts of users Kazakhstan Phone Number
, because they can improve the efficiency of users and help users better fulfill their needs. I have Kazakhstan Phone Number
previously made a tool related to advertising placement (mainly for SEM, search engine marketing), which aims to help placement personnel solve repetitive and mechanical operations, improve their work efficiency, and allow them to spend more energy on In terms of advertising optimization, for the company, it is to improve the ROI of each advertiser. Below I will share the overall process of making this tool at that time, as well as the summary and thinking during the work process. 1. Business research

Keywords, and Creative Modules Kazakhstan Phone Number

Sort out the business status If you want to make a tool for a certain industry (or a certain position),  Kazakhstan Phone Number  must first understand the industry (basic industry information, operation methods, etc.), and then Kazakhstan Phone Number understand the general daily work content of the corresponding employees. 2. Understand the Kazakhstan Phone Number corresponding industry When I was working on this advertising delivery tool (hereinafter unified as: delivery assistant), I first checked some SEM-related information on the Internet, and had a general understanding of the basic principles of SEM. If you have no basic understanding of this industry, then when making products more problems will be encountered. 3.

Daily Work Content of The Kazakhstan Phone Number

Kazakhstan Phone Number List
Kazakhstan Phone Number List

User research After understanding the basic principles of SEM, I went to the corresponding Kazakhstan Phone Numbers delivery specialist to discuss it in detail. Finally, I learned that if you want to develop this tool, you must first determine the relationship between marketing accounts, Kazakhstan Phone Numbers promotion plans, promotion units, keywords, and creative modules, so that technical personnel can follow the proper logic when developing this tool. Go ahead. At the same time, during the conversation, I unearthed some other requirements. Plus the requirements that were sorted out internally before the launch team, and finally sorted out 18 requirements. There are many ways of user research, such as questionnaires, user interviews, etc. I choose user interviews, talking with front-line personnel, and can directly reach the “frontier positions”. I conducted research on two delivery specialists, one male and one female, with about 5 years of work experience. Reason for selection:

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