Not long ago, I was in charge of a “Cash Coupon Red Envelope” project. I thought it was quite Kuwait Phone Number interesting during the planning process. Therefore, I will share it with you today, and it is the right to attract others. Kuwait Phone Number 01 Briefly describe the project. The company mainly promotes a certain product in the near future. “Cash coupon red envelope” is part of this promotion plan. The general content is as follows: Users can click on the red envelope pop-up window on the home page and other places to receive cash coupons. The amount of the cash coupon is random, it can only be used when purchasing the product, and it is valid within 24 hours.

I Will Share It with You Kuwait Phone Number

The main purposes of this “cash coupon red envelope” are as follows: By displaying red Kuwait Phone Number envelope pop-ups in multiple places, users are attracted to click to visit the product details page and attract traffic. Increase users Kuwait Phone Number’ interest in the product by giving away cash coupons. By setting the validity period of the Kuwait Phone Number cash coupons, prompting interested users to buy as soon as possible. Cash coupons need to be associated with the user’s account. Then, there will naturally be a question: if the user clicks the red envelope pop-up window without logging in, what should be done? What I want to share with you today is my entire thinking process around this “login problem”. 02 The first thing

Envelope Pop-Ups In Kuwait Phone Number

Kuwait Phone Number List
Kuwait Phone Number List

It is very simple and rude to directly remove the situation that caused the problem. Of Kuwait Phone Numbers course, if you think about it a little bit, this is not feasible. Because, users who visit the company’s website are not Kuwait Phone Numbers logged in in most cases. If these users are excluded, the effect of the activity will be greatly reduced. 03 So, another way of thinking, consider the second option. When accessing, the login status is not carried, and the red envelope pop-up window is also displayed. When clicking on the red envelope, jump to the general login page first, then return and refresh the page after logging in (after logging in, it can be handled as “logged in”). Of course, it can be further optimized: Change “General Login Page” to

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