Well-edited by qualified journalists is quality? Of course, posting a lot and often probably helps to get caught by algos. But for what quality of visitors? What business model in the end? More generally if you don’t believe that quality is the only solution for the future then you might as well close up shop right away and stop having children! I looked this summer with great ardor for young people between the ages of 14 and 20 who were consumers of the digital press. On media platforms. I found at best only subscribers to publications of certain titles on Instagram.

The quality of the content the maintenance

A clear editorial line, the development of high-performance platforms, and ease of access Albania Phone Number are absolute priorities. The GAFAs now have the means to manufacture platforms of extreme technical quality that load quickly and are fluid to use, but they do not yet hire any journalists. Nobody will pay for low-end content: neither advertisers for whom context is becoming more and more important, nor readers who would not see the difference in value with what platforms offer, nor B2B customers, of course. What effective examples of media monetization have you observed in recent years.

Have we found any innovative ideas on this subject

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We can go back to the list of existing monetization solutions and find winners in each category. The Guardian Bold Data recently announced that it had reached a balance, thanks to its philanthropic membership strategy. The New York Times has for a long time made more money from its readers than from its advertisers, thanks to its paid content. Other media manage to earn a lot of money thanks to the events they organize and for others it is the sale of software licenses (of a CMS, for example), or databases, which allows the title to do well. I am also thinking of the Financial Times, which is very strong on the resale of its content to companies.

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