Online opinions and recommendations have a high degree of influence on purchasing decisions. According to Influence Central, almost all consumers look for this type of assessment, before buying. However, they do not absolutely believe any opinion found on the internet. The study shows that consumers trust their instincts, and feel able to determine the veracity of online comments, before following them. No less than 97% say they are in a position to decide which opinions they can trust, and take into account for their purchasing decisions. The survey shows the influence of this type of recommendation by other consumers, in the final decision. An influence that affects both women and men.

Thus, 87% of the women surveyed take them into account when buying a certain product. On the other hand, 67% are more willing to buy it, if said product obtains a high valuation. According to YouGov , more than half of consumers (51%) consider that an average of 4 of these online opinions will provide them with enough information to decide whether or not to buy the product. Women read more product reviews than men; 60% of them need at least 4; an amount that only 42% of men reach.

When taking into account any recommendation online, there are indicators that show its credibility. Among them, the fact that the user identifies himself, with name and surname, stands out; not acting  Bolivia WhatsApp Number List   anonymously, or under a pseudonym. 89% of consumers are suspicious of customers who do not use a real name when posting their product reviews. On the other hand, it is very important that said opinion is lavished in details, both about the product or the company, as well as its specific problem, or the benefits derived from its use. Said involvement in exposing their personal experience, together with

the details of the situation, confer truthfulness on the customer, and their recommendations on whether or not to purchase the product. Another determining quality of the confidence of these opinions online is the place where they are published. Thus, Amazon is an important source of information about customer experience, according to 90% of those surveyed by Influence Central. 80% of them consider that the valuations presented here are very credible. Likewise, 55% trust the opinions collected on TripAdvisor, and 53% on Toys R Us.

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