Course on e-Marketing at CEF.- Center for Financial Studies To learn about E-Marketing, identify the strategies, their implementation and their success stories When we talk about promoting engagement, awakening a feeling of belonging to the brand or a positive attitude towards it, we think of a strategy with a high emotional component. To achieve this, traditionally the most experiential and sensitive machinery has been set in motion, using resources such as creativity, psychology, and even neuromarketing. However, today we have the ability to deepen our knowledge of the client, to know in more detail what they feel, what their opinion about the brand is, or what they expect from us. To do this, Big Data can act as our crystal ball.

Big Data is not applicable only to the optimization of marketing strategies, or to know the evolution of actions; In other words, the use of the data is not exclusively aimed at improving data, but rather that such information allows a complete X-ray of the target audience to be made, and to know their deepest feelings. This ability to access the most human part of the Portugal WhatsApp Number List target audience allows us more than ever to reach them. Can we know your interests, concerns, expectations? and act accordingly, putting ourselves in his place, speaking his own language, empathizing with him, showing a real concern for his well-being.

Fortunately, Big Data is increasingly used by companies. Gartner indicates that 73% of companies have plans to implement it. For the most part, according to Accenture, these companies use this information to improve their business strategy, in order to make more effective decisions, which they apply in areas ranging from dealing with consumers to product launches. In fact, 94% of these companies use this information to find new sources of income. In principle, just over half of companies (51%) make use of Big Data to improve the user experience. 63% expect that, in the future, concern for the customer will have a preferential place within the priorities of the companies.

For its part, Big Data has also shown its application when it comes to promoting customer engagement in Social Media. The Social Flow report shows that those organic publications on Social Media made based on data analysis registered up to 91% more engagement than the rest. As we can see, from the numbers we can know the general feeling of our clients, and reach their hearts. It is a different way of listening, which can be most effective.

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