Professionals and businesses are now experiencing more opportunities to build their brands on LinkedIn. What does this mean for your law firm? When done correctly, your law firm’s LinkedIn Page can generate tremendous exposure. In addition, build relationships with potential clients and referral sources. Even drive abundant traffic to the firm’s website.


With the right strategy and approach. Moreover, your firm can begin capitalizing on LinkedIn’s benefits in no time. Follow our simple steps below to start building your law firm’s brand on LinkedIn.

Start with a Strategy

As with any marketing venture, the first step to building your law firm brand on LinkedIn is to strategize. To do this, define specific goals for LinkedIn marketing, identify your target audience, and build your content around those key factors. Examples of goals to set for building your brand include:

Remember that the key to success in any marketing strategy, especially when it comes to social media, is understanding who your audience is and coming up with a tactical plan to answer their questions, address their pain points, and to otherwise give them what they need and want.


Now that your goals are established, make sure your law firm’s Company Page is optimized and ready for the attention that will be coming its way. Your LinkedIn Page is one of a law firm’s most important digital assets Costa-Rica Phone number and should portray a level of professionalism that is in line with your company brand and values. Confirm all facets of the profile are complete and accurate. Follow this checklist to guarantee your Page is primed and ready to go.


Once you’ve determined your goals, defined your target audience, and optimized your Page, it is time to start creating and sharing content. The foundation for content published on your Page will of course be the law firm’s website and blog; however, before sharing updates, consider:

Create a content calendar based around these questions with the idea that the number one rule for content is to give the people what they want. Focus on sharing high-quality content each week and sticking to a consistent schedule. As with anything your business produces and disseminates, the quality of the work you share will greatly impact the impression you leave on the public. Content doesn’t just mean text – videos, long-form posts, and/or infographics, among other forms of media are also valuable social media content worth creating and sharing. We’ll explain how to know what your audience is enjoying under the “analyze” section below.

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