Internet users ask that a film be developed. Since the idea of ​​​​the commercial I appreciate incredible. The short video barely lasts 60 seconds and features. Two great movie stars arnold schwarzenegger and salma hayek star in new. Bmw launchbmw seeks to present the new electric flagship. A few days before the super bowl, the big companies have. Begun to launch their promotions, this sports opportunity. Offers the ideal space for the presentation of small. Video clips, in which the latest promises of the companies. Are shown, an example of this is the highlighted. By bmw, which with just 60 seconds, present new. Electric flagship however, within networks the. Community was greatly oppressed and disappointed.

Since Bmw Inadvertently Trolls Its Users Due to the Great

Production of its advertising spot. The new launch of bmw, aims to demonstrate. The power and design of its new fully electric truck, making use of a kind of parody. So well produced that many fans thought it was a. Movie trailer, in which arnold schwarzenegger. And salma Uganda WhatsApp Number List hayek are the protagonists. Bmw trolls users on networks the intention of the car firm was not. Intended to troll its followers on networks; however. This was what happened as evidenced in comments. Considering that it is a movie and not a commercial. 00:05 / 00:15 00:11 / 00:15 the commercial shows schwarzenegger. Playing zeus, the greek god and guardian of lightning, along with salma hayek. Who plays the greek goddess hera.

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However the monotony of a mortal life reaches the god. The hundreds of daily mistakes of his, since he must. Solve the small electrical faults of his mortal neighbors. While the character played by salma hayek. Becomes an important part of the story, since she is. Being happy in her new life, she gives the new one a bmw. To zeus with the intention of giving her a little emotion. Life, renewing the powers of thunder to mighty zeus. In networks, users were pleasantly surprised and. Slightly disappointed and ask to follow up on the. Project launched by bmw “hahahaha for. God. Someone tell the scriptwriter of the car to make the. Complete film that is going to be covered. I want him to make the film”now read: “You hurt me.

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