At the present time from time to time sooner or later at the same time up. To the present time to begin with in due time as soon as a.S long as currently access big data; the complicated thing I.S knowing how to take advantage of the large amounts of data in favor of the. Brand. Mexico df-. With estimated annual revenues of more than $20 billion, macy’s is one of the most iconic retailers in the americ.An market. Maintaining the loyalty of your buyers through increasingly personalized strategies is a fundamental element in your success. Related notes: cannes lions 2015 big data in innovation lessons b.Ig data rap: branded content for di.Gital marketersthe best way to learn big data strategies .In this task, the correct use and interpretation of big data is a .Cornerstone that not only allows the retailer to retain its target with p.Ersonalized campaigns.

Vice President of Analytics for Macy’s the Analysis of the Data That Their

Clients generate both in the physical. Points of sale and in the online store, allows them to understand .The particularities of each segment of consumers to .Offer content and tailor-made products through a .Strategy of offers and discounts in real time. Through push messages Croatia WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists both in stores and on mobile devices. “customers share a great deal of information with us, and our job is to support them in return for their loyalty, giving them what they want, instantly,” tomak said.Big datathe consequence of this strategy based on big data is a saving of 500 thousand dollars per year for the brand in analysis and indiscriminate

Marketing Emails as Well as a 20 Percent Reduction

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In requests to unsubscribe from its newsletters. Dates in numbers what macy’s has done is just one example. Of the relevance that data management and analysis has today in marketing strategies. As well as one of the reasons why big data is listed as one of the ‘trends of the future’ of the industry as a vital resource to personalize the offer. Bigdatathe numbers speak for themselves. According to research conducted by teradata, 90 percent of marketing professionals. Say that an individualized marketing plan is a priority to grow in today’s market. Which is a transition from mass segmentation to personalization in real time. Pablo hernández o’hagan president of ingenia , assures that “the trend we see is greater.

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