Achieving engagement in social networks is becoming more difficult every day. The infoxication causes our content to be camouflaged among the massive publications, both from other brands, as well as from the increasingly active users; not to mention those platforms, such as Facebook, that intentionally put barriers to brands to achieve relevance organically.

Therefore, companies need to optimize their content strategy and publications on Social Media, in order to ensure that their content can shine. In this sense, the report published by SocialFlow has been able to appreciate that those organic publications in Social Media made based on the analysis of the data registered up to 91% more engagement than the rest. Finally, Big Data gives unequivocal evidence of the effectiveness of its direct application.

To reach this conclusion, the study analyzed no less than 1.6 million organic publications on 3 social platforms (Twitter, Facebook and Google+), reaching the sad conclusion that 99% of them barely managed to impact their target audience. Venezuela WhatsApp Number List  Given these results, the study decided to enter into the subject, and analyze those publications that had achieved their objective. In this way, it could be observed that the content published based on data analysis (data driven) achieved 91% more engagement than the rest, compared to scheduled publications, and those published in real time.

The use of analytics to optimize the Social Media strategy is an especially notable practice in the case of entertainment companies, applied in more than half of their publications. Thanks to it, they are able to act at the right time, offering really interesting content.

The fact that the published posts registered the worst engagement rate stands out. This does not necessarily imply that companies have to reject this strategy, but rather, the simple fact of contributing content with a certain frequency is not enough to achieve engagement. Therefore, before establishing the timing of any publication, it is necessary to put it in context, study the customer’s environment, their behavior patterns and the needs that such content can satisfy. Otherwise, your presence will go unnoticed.

As we can see, Big Data is not a hype, but its application is beneficial to optimize the strategy of brands. The Forrester study collected in May examples of how companies can design actions to know this information in real time, and the possibilities of its application. Technology makes it possible to record every step, every request, every action that users perform. Information that, well analyzed, allows the design of a map very adjusted to reality.

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