Cms make use of digital platforms carrying out. All kinds of creative strategies seeking to impact users and. Potential consumers it is estimated that there are at least. 4 million users within digital platforms. The digital conversation offers unprecedented virality and publicity. Reaching millions of potential consumers. The super bowl is one of the most watched sporting events. In the world among the most important television sports. Events, without a doubt, is the final for the nfl championship. The super bowl is without a doubt one of the few great events. That brings together thousands of fans around the. World during a live broadcast. Outside of social networks. Although within these its importance is imminent.

Since Today Thousands of Fans Follow the Transmission of the

Sporting event, which is why its importance lies. Not only in sports, but also within the marketing. Advertising and the enormous economic benefit. That this generates, with brands generating significant. Digital traffic using creative Thailand WhatsApp Number List strategies and advertising projects. The super bowl is an opportunity for brands and company. Cms to carry out multiple conversations within digital. Platforms and social networks, since today these media are the. Consumption trend among fans; however, the use. Of these channels lies not only in the digital conversation. But also in the marketing strategies and the virality. That can be generated, since not all companies can pay approximately. 7 million dollars for 30 seconds of fame in a commercial.

Creative Strategies of Brands in Networks Within

Thailand WhatsApp Number List

Social networks, cms have an unparalleled opportunity. For competition, since if one takes into account that. At present, it is estimated that an average. Of 4,550 million people make use of some social network. The virality of brands and therefore your advertising can reach millions of people. The young ceo: the precocious taxidermist ruffles liverpool. Chillies italianni’s oxxo microsoft now read. “old tasty”; soriana wins over a consumer for these creative. Cakes for valentine’s day qualifies walmart’s. E-commerce service as “Bad”; “Train your employees. Where are your golden rules ricardo salinas warns. About fake facebook account with his name. “they try to scam my followers. “new 4dx experience in galletas marías”. By this “Foreign body” consumer exhibits pepsico in networks.

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