Before starting this type of guest posting campaign. It is very important to write down the intent of your. Campaign and the goals you aim to achieve through this practice. One of the most popular and consistent. Strategies for determining your immediate and. Long-term goals is to implement the smart technique here. You can write down the very specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-based results to be. Expected from this exercise this will create the. Right mindset and ensure that you are focused on putting. Your energy into creating an article that contributes to those goals.

Once You’ve Prioritized Your Goals Start Looking

For relevant websites that accept guest blogging and. External contributors there are two main ways to. Perform this process, first prospect the web I.E. Search Georgia Phone number with google, social media, search resource listings. Etc. Or use websites linking editors and bloggers. A few tips to make the old route easier is to find a list of. The. Top blogs in your niche using resources. Like buzz sumo and all top that filter the top blogs in your. Industry or by required keywords another useful. Technique is to enter strings such as “Keyword from. Industry submit a post” in the search engine which. Redirects you to the appropriate guest blogging opportunities.

Also Browsing Social Media With Like Channels

Keeps you up to date with the latest industry trends and posts. These can help you list a few potential. Websites and bloggers that might be right for you. Go ahead and filter them further by analyzing the traffic. And content quality on the listed results this will further. Refine your data and help you select blogs that you. Can target. If you feel the need, start building a relationship. With the bog owner before sending a pitch to. Increase the chances of getting published. Step 2 prepare solid ground the next step up the guest. Blogging. Ladder is pitching your guest blog idea. To the shortlisted this step is essential and should be. Exercised carefully as publishers and blog owners. Receive tons of emails every day if we speak statistically.

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