Therefore, or political science.  who has proven to have one of the most valuable gifts of literary writing: the ability to generate metaphors that shape (image) abstraction and the grace to make the way of describing social reality a more interesting reason. To this narrative capacity must be added an enormous of the literary, philosophical and humanistic tradition, in general, of Western culture. It is an intellectual pleasure to read his books. Bauman is, as we have said, a sociologist, and therefore his focus has been on modernity and its effects. Sociology is the daughter of modernity and,

Therefore, as such, a constant reflection to understand the causes of this moment in Western history that we call modernity, as well as the social and personal consequences that this modernity has on the consciences of individuals. So it is not surprising that Bauman’s focus is on some of the themes that best describe this “hurricane” that has shaken the way of life and consciousness, economic structures, politics and societies. . Bauman became a hugely popular sociologist, to the point that the press called him a pop star in sociology.

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His fame came from the fact that he coined the concept of “liquid modernity” and applied “liquidity” to many dimensions of contemporary social life: liquid time, liquid life, liquid fear, liquid love, liquid art. , etc The success of this concept is linked to its Brazil Phone Number List Ability to describe some of the characteristics and threats of modernity [we add at the end an excursionswith a characterization of the concept]. There is no sociologist who has not tried to find the key to understanding modernity and what characterizes it most: Weber and rationalization, Durkheim and anomie, Parsons and social function, Pareto and the idea of ​​inequality-redistribution, Luhmann and Systems Theory,


Therefore, Giddens and Structuring, Beck and the Risk Society, Sennett and the Fall of the. Public Man or the Corrosion of Character, Castles and the Information Society, Sassen and the Global City. And would like to add. All these theories and explanations point to a world in. Which the acceleration of time, globalization and pluralization – two more sociological concepts. Shape increasingly complex societies. Karl Marx, 150 years ago, predicted or, rather, sentenced:everything that is solid vanishes into thin air . Certainly, sociological concepts and theories also have,

As Many As We

Therefore, like the current times, an expiration date. Bauman’s, however, has been one of the most successful. Bauman’s legacy, as a thinker and sociologist, does not end with this concept of “liquid modernity.” It is worth noting Bauman’s analysis of society and consumerism and the consequences it has on people’s lives (which are reduced to consumer goods or “leftover” individuals) [ Trabajo, consumismo y nuevos pobres , La postmodernity and its discontents , Globalization: Human Consequences , Wasted Lives: Modernity and its Peers, Identity, Consumer Life,

Therefore, etc.  If I had to highlight one of the nearly 100 books published by Buaman, my personal taste. Would recommend reading the book Society Under Siege (2002: Society Under Siege. Cambridge: Polity). This book contains much of his central ideas (which he will develop in other writings). About what characterizes our contemporary societies and points out many of the individual. Consequences of these worlds of life. We live personally and look for individual. biographical solutions. To what are actually structural and systemic problems. We are ultimately missing what Wright Mills had dubbed sociological imagination . We must recognize in Bauman’s work his value in understanding

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