Bad bunny surpassed the record of gloria estefan. Who maintained the most weeks at number 1 on billboard. Bad bunny’s album “Yhlqmdlg” broke a record by. Staying the longest in the user preference. 27 years had passed since something similar happened. Since 1994 the record had not been broken. Bad bunny is today one of the most sought-after artists. Selling out all the tickets for his concerts in a matter of seconds. Puerto rican benito antonio martínez ocasio. Better known as bad bunny has become one of the. Most famous artists today reaching the top. Of the popularity charts of most music platforms.

In Recent Days, the Puerto Rican Surpassed the Weekend

In the list of points of the “Global digital artist ranking”. Which takes into account platforms such as apple. Music itunes youtube deezer and shazam. And it is now that bad bunny is crowned leader billboard. Reaching 59 consecutive Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List weeks at number one. The album “ yhlqmdlg ” is now number one among the. Most listened to in the history of billboard within the. Top latin albums it is also the one that has lasted the. Longest as number one reached 59 consecutive weeks. A record not seen since 1994 . This success comes as a result of what was achieved in previous. Days after it was announced that the tickets for the. Presentations that will take place within the. National territory were sold in a matter of seconds.

The Title of the Most Listened to Album and for So

Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List

Many weeks officially belonged to gloria estefan. Thanks to her album “Mi tierra” which remained number. One for 58 weeks from 1993 to 1994 and is now with “Yhlqmdlg”. That the puerto rican breaks the record album released on. February 29, 2020 through rimas entertainment. 00:12 / 00:15 bad bunny generates madness the puerto rican artist. Not only remains one of the favorites within music. Streaming platforms but has also given something to talk. About after the speed at which his tickets have been sold. This after starting his tour of latin america. Within which presents 2 dates in mexico. Planned for the last month of the year and. Taking place in the city of monterrey.

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