The constant interaction with technology. And the digitization of brands has been. An important factor for users to be more confident towards. This type of online buying and selling services. Online shopping has been dominated by the younger population. For some time now. But baby boomers are not far behind. Although for more than 10 years the world of online. Purchases and sales came into the hands. Of internet users to promote a new type. Of commerce that they could carry out from the. Comfort of their home, this had not been fully received. By a considerable part of the population (particularly the mexican). Pandemic is here to change.

A Fact That the 80 Percent of Them Mention That They Do Not Want to

Risk electronic at 74 percent do not feel confident. Giving their bank details online. 53 percent. Are afraid of making a mistake when choosing their purchase. 32 percent do not know how to pay with cash and 25 percent. Do not understand how to buy online. Not all users feel comfortable making their. Purchases online, however. This Greece WhatsApp numbers list has not been an impediment. To the growth of e-commerce since since the beginning. Of the pandemic. ​the variation in income from. E-commerce sales in mexico they even increased. By 500 percent (statista). Baby boomers join the online shopping modality. Users who choose to make their purchases online. Mainly those belonging to the y generation. Also known as millennials since these were. Developed hand in hand with technology.

Being an Important Factor for Their Familiarization

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And integration of this in their day to day. On the contrary the baby boomers represented. A greater complication in terms of adapting. This type of business which is assuming fewer. And fewer difficulties. According to a mercado. Ads report where they show the generations. That bought the most during 2021 within the platform. The audience with the highest growth was. That of the baby boomers who showed a considerable growth trend. In terms of their online purchases. Mainly in terms of gardening and outdoor products. Despite this. The millennial population continues to dominate. The sector as the largest buyers mainly in terms of purchases. In the categories of laptops and accessories. Then there is generation x which represents 17 percent. Of consumers with products for home decoration an

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