So it is important to match the company and the user’s. Shopping experience the reputation of a brand will define. The degree of acceptance it will have among the bulk. Of consumers the pandemic showed the importance of having. A well-founded purpose as a brand or company. It is estimated that there is an 87 percent correlation. Between a brand’s reputation and its purpose. The current pandemic has reflected the importance. Of knowing how to adapt to changes and having a timely. Response to global crises for brands this aspect reveals the. How and why of having a positioning plan that places.

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Regular consumer and therefore ensure its permanence. As a competitive brand within its sector, to achieve this goal. The reputation of the brand VP Design Officer Email List is essential in the face of a highly. Changing and fickle buyer base gupo dw. Points out that having a favorable reputation means. Immediate confidence for consumers, who will trust. The products or services it offers and, on the contrary. If a company has an unfavorable reputation among. Buyers, users decipher the products or services offered. It is worth mentioning that in a certain sense the reputation. Of a company can be considered a subjective and even. Emotional value however for porter nov. Elli in his study given these points, purpose premium index (ppi).

A Life Well Lived the Flight of the Syrian Video

VP Design Officer Email List

Of a brand is an aspect that will help the consolidation. Of the firm in terms of time and its permanence as a. Competitive brand as shown above, which will help to face unforeseen. Events and changes in context as well as social ones as the. Current one has shown pandemic for this reason special. Importance must be given to the way in which the consumer. Is impacted since buyers are extremely. Susceptible to companies that only seek a benefit and do not. Generate important changes within the community. Or within the society in which they are affected. That develops. In which they develop all things considered, for this reason there must.

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