The insensibility of the space and the objects that surround us is not a privilege exclusive to our time. But what differentiates today from the past is that this insensitivity became a dominant image of our social space. Indeed in an aggressive and undeniable way. Once upon a time the people dealing with substance bore the deepest responsibility. Today on the contrary the responsibility lies with those who deal with the surface since the latter with the easy approach it allows has become not just the mirror but the very ideology that connects space with individuals. Those who shape this surface from the support professions that they were turned into dominant guides. The most prominent class of are graphic designers. Little by little however their role was inflated and overvalued to the point. Where they occupied the first important position either as a consequence. Ideas or by contributing to their own benefit to said emptiness and nonexistence.

The emptiness of speech and the nonexistence

The new dictatorship of graphic designers resistance to which is almost impossible firstly because to weaken every other. Argument they use the unproven but from the chair claim that the opposite doesn’t sell and secondly. The public has become addicted to their superficial Image Masking Service acrobatics as a result of which he does not wish for the slightest questioning of them. Just as the packaging of foods has come to be more important than their taste so the packaging of ideas has replaced their content. Apart from anything that contributes to economic success. Anything that increases  that boosts sales graphic designers found. A great ally in the fact of the dominance of the image over the word. And indeed of an image whose electronic and digital versions easily allow any emptiness and extremity under the guise of offering more options. Most of the publications circulating in our country compete with graphic encyclopedias which are exhausted by. The very purpose of their presence making access to the already so thin text even more difficult.

Image Masking Service

The oppressive commercial argument that praises

Color bands haphazardly cross the pages infinite fonts create confusion crooked squares. Colored cephalograms along with arrows diamonds and colored insets compete to create. The most psychedelic and above all textindependent effect. Even the arbitrary white spaces Bold Data suddenly add where one would expect. A comprehensive text a drop of minimalist sophistication to the aesthetic ahtarma. And the worst the rest of the authors. The forms follow unable to oppose arguments the struggle of the graphic designers against the sheet the continuous text. The pilaf generally any text and in favor of the text caption of the catchphrase and short text and generally in favor of any provocative originality. This note of mine is an appeal to good graphic designers who love the image as much as I do not to confirm the old advertising slogan. French magazine which spoke of the weight of words and the shock of images. Let’s get used to considering weight as a virtue of both words and images and let’s give up shock and impression in advertising.

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