Google Shopping is one of the easiest ways for online retailers and e-commerce websites to get their product ads displayed for their shoppers to see and buy. A potential customer need only click on your ad, and they’re taken straight to your website, where they will hopefully convert and complete the purchase.


Recently, Google set out to revolutionise the online shopping and introduced Shopping Actions to the world of online marketing by taking out the middle step of transferring your customer to your site. Encapsulated in a whole new facet of the search engine, Google Express is here to connect both businesses and buyers in a faster, much more convenient way.


What is Google Express ?

It’s in the name — Google Express helps people get their shopping done fast.

In a nutshell, Google Express helps your customers shop effortlessly with a universal shopping cart and instant checkout services. Customers pay with the payment information provided in their Google accounts, so there’s no need to fill in credit card details and slow the process down.

All your customers have to do is add items to their Google Express cart, as they would on any e-commerce website, check out, and confirm payment. It’s as easy as that!

If you’re an online retailer, getting your customer further through the marketing and conversion funnel faster is a win. And the fact that it uses a pay-per-sale (instead of the old pay-per-click) model is a double win.

Google Express works with Google, as well as with Google Assistant, which means people can order by voice command with a phone, a smartwatch, or their Google Home.

We’ll definitely be seeing more “Hey Google, buy me…” commands across the board.

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The Results are Convincing

Google didn’t just launch this new technology Malaysia Phone Number to the public without first backing it up with tested results. They had the help of Target and Ulta Beauty, and partnered with MasterCard, to see if Google Express really would make a difference in conversion rates.

And voila — it did. According to Google, retailers on average saw an increase in total conversions at a lower cost, compared to running Shopping ads alone. Over six months, Target Express baskets for guest shoppers increased by 20%. Ulta Beauty saw a whopping 35% increase in average order value (AOV) since 2016.

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