It is true that many hotels have these adapters for tourists but it is better to be cautious in this regard since it can save you in a difficult situation. 7. Learn about the language spoken in that area If you do not know Switzerland well then you will not know that depending on the area where you are one language or another is spoken. The different languages ​​that are considere official of the country are German French Italian and Romansh. You can also walk through the old part of the city and see some buildings such as the catheral of Saint Peter or the Bourg-de-Four square.

Among The Tips For Traveling

Some basic concepts of French to be able to understand you in the basics with the different Swiss citizens that you meet during your stay. You should also keep in mind that the French spoken in Switzerland is not the same as the French spoken in France. In any case being a country where there are many international organizations Buy Email List you will also be able to understand yourself by speaking English . 8. Do not forget to visit the most emblematic buildings of the city the headquarters of some of the most important organizations in the world.

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To Switzerland We Can Include Learning

Some of these buildings are the world financial center the UN the headquarters of the Re Cross or the World Health Organization . Among the tips for Bold Data traveling to Geneva we include a visit to Lake Geneva a symbol of the city. If you are looking for a more cultural plan that will help you learn about the history of Geneva and Switzerland you should visit the Patek Philippe museum which focuses on the history of watches one of the symbols of the Alpine country.

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