But that they are willing to recover the ‘proto idea’ that mobile and online platforms are conduits for offline life and not the culmination of the human experience itself and present a vision of how they will contribute to technological changes in the future, yes that is worthy of analysis. Personally, I find it a hopeful and creepy sight at the same time. Below I analyze it through Google’s digital assets. The pillars of the Google empire in the new paradigm of ‘mobile first’ As we have mention before, Google’s leadership in the field of mobile devices has been call into question and it has cost them many attacks that even doubt its supremacy as a company.

What Visions They Present

A question Do you know of a historical reference? Do you want to buy something? Are you interest in an artist? Do you need inspiration for a recipe? Google has the answer for you. Google’s Alpha is the online search service . It’s the industry they create Guangdong Phone Number List out of nothing and put them on the map, and what has fueled the company with ad revenue. Thanks to ‘search’ Google has been able to do everything else, it is also the original reason that makes Google an essential service. Few of us can remember our day to day without this service at our fingertips, and for this reason we have invented the verb google.

Guangdong Mobile Phone Number

Of The Future Google Search Do You Have

For finding digital content, Google will be a digital giant with detailed information on the concerns, needs and aspirations of a large number of people. Google Now The Google service equivalent to Apple’s Siri or Microsoft’s Cortana can be considered a virtual assistant. It is used, above all, to request things do searches , enter events or reminders, request Bold Data information or data. In the not too distant future, Google wants to integrate this tool into the interface of all its applications. And I’m not just talking about searching YouTube or asking for traffic information on Maps, but also to highlight data with natural language on platforms like Analytics or AdWords.

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