Carmen Santo Personal Branding and Online Reputation Consulting. Social Media Manager of @ Ready4Social. Journalist… Master in Digital Marketing Management – UPF-BSM Acquire specialized knowledge to manage the digital marketing of your organization. Monographic course on Internet Law at CEF.- Center for Financial Studies Know the legal responsibilities that exist in the digital environment to protect your company Marketers have shown to be seriously aware of the need to integrate all the marketing actions that are managed in the department. As recorded by the report Cross-Channel Marketing Oracle and Econsultancy, 67% of companies whose priority unify all activities, regardless of the channel in which to develop. To facilitate the process, 30% of them already have a cross-functional team. In fact, 49% say that, in a way, they are ready to develop an integrated multichannel strategy.

A turn around the client as the center of the strategy On the other hand, there is greater knowledge of customer behavior during the purchase process, based on which 43% of companies intend to adapt their marketing plan. In fact, 14% of them have already seen the benefits of having an integrated marketing plan. More than half of the companies affirm that the main thing is the customer (51%), not the campaign. 42% of companies affirm that they follow up with the customer through the different channels. Based on them, 51% design their actions to get closer to him. Likewise, 38% have already implemented automation marketing in real time, which allows them to improve engagement and increase the chances of conversion. What are the barriers to developing an integrated, customer-centric multichannel strategy? The main factor that hinders the application of integrated cross-channel actions is the  UAE WhatsApp Number List  absence of a defined strategy (21%).

An obstacle that is above the scarcity of resources (16%), or technological limitations (7%). Therefore, it is essential, in a fundamental way, to establish synergies between the different departments, in order for them to join forces and work together towards a common objective: to reach the client and get their favorable treatment. Reduction of the barriers that users raise to strictly advertising spaces. Contextualization of the commercial message relating it to the subject matter of the content. Increase in the positive perception between valuable content and the advertising brand. Increased probability that the commercial message will be shared by being integrated into the content. Generation of higher performance in content marketing strategies increasing consumer confidence towards the brand. In this process of integrating the concept of native advertising to the internet medium, we observe how in the main digital publishing media and social networks different advertising spaces are enabled inserted in the editorial flow of the content so that, in the least invasive way possible, the user perceives the impact of the message without rejection.

In this way, native advertising is seen for the same amount of time and with the same confidence as informational content. Below I show you some of the most relevant aspects of this type of advertising: Segmentation Compared to other forms of digital advertising, native advertising responds to a segmentation criterion that makes it unique: context. Obviously, if we carry out an advertising campaign in a football-related medium, we will be pursuing a very specific user profile, mainly men within an age segment and with an interest in a topic as specific as football. But if in addition to telling about football, we refer to a specific football team, we will be adding dimensions such as location and affinity to our segment. We just have to imagine that the content talks about football and that it talks about Barça. Would this be a good time and place to sell Barça shirts? The concretion of our segment of potential clients is evident, but the level of affinity towards our product is complete. The format

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