What is the real power that videobloggers have? In recent years, some users of the popular YouTube video network have become the kings of the network and the most desired spokespersons that brands, companies and media want to get their hands on. His videos of him, whether they are beauty tips or cooking recipes (here is the field of action of the vlogger of choice), accumulate millions and millions of reproductions and that makes his content have become a kind of object of desire.

YouTube’s competitors want to get their stars to bring that mass of millionaire audiences to their own networks and brands want to capitalize on the millionaire audiences of these star Internet users to make consumers know and consume their products and services. But are these vloggers really as influential as the brands think they are? A study has just given an answer to that question, and a rather surprising one: the truth is that consumers do not follow as much as they thought the recommendations of video bloggers when it comes to consumption.

According to the study’s conclusions, Internet users turn to them as a source of information. The study, produced by GlobalWebIndex, notes that for consumers, vloggers are a source of entertainment and vital advice (in short: the same as a medium of lifestyles) and not a source of recommendations on brands and products.

Consumers who watch these videos are potential customers of new products, but the figures show that these contents are not the key to reaching them. According to the study’s figures, only 12% of respondents Slovenia phone number list   say they discover new brands and products using the recommendations of videobloggers, although (in parallel) three-quarters of them say they are willing to try new products, two-thirds that They always seek to be up-to-date in technology and half that follow the latest trends in fashion.

The truth is that no: simply that its influence can be seen in another way or plays in other styles. The study does not deny that the things they do or say have an effect, but they do have an effect in the traditional way that is taken into account when talking about advertising. The words and opinions of these bloggers are taken into account by their followers, as shown, they remember, the latest campaigns related to social awareness issues that these bloggers have starred in.

The clearest example for this reality that the studio paints is that of Zoella. Zoella is one of the stars of YouTube, who created her profile de ella back in 2009 when she was an apprentice in a decoration store and who has become one of the most popular vloggers on topics of beauty, fashion and lifestyles. Zoella had quite an impact on young British people talking about her panic attacks (she collaborated on a suicide prevention campaign), proving the point above about how vloggers can influence, and has also become a best seller (a despite the scandal when it was uncovered that he had had the collaboration of a writer to elaborate it) with his first novel, Girl Online.

The study also makes it possible to develop a robot portrait of the consumers who access this content, although the truth is that the profile of who sees the content created by vloggers is quite broad, so to speak. According to the results of the study, 42% of Internet users (which is almost half of them) say they have seen at least one of these videos in the last month.

The numbers are higher when filtering by age, which shows that vloggers reach out to members of both Gen Z and millennials a little more. In both the 16-24 age group and the 25-34 age group, video consumption by videobloggers reaches 50% if asked if at least one video produced by them has been seen on the site. last month.

And, despite the attempts of other platforms to get hold of these consumers and to capture the millionaire audiences that videobloggers arouse, the truth is that it is still very difficult to get Internet users to go to other spaces to see their productions. 93% of those surveyed say they watch the videos of vloggers on YouTube.

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