A Very Critical And Atypical Time. 5. Analyze The Concept Of ‘science’ From Philosophy – Interview With Miquel Seguró One Of The Most Discuss Topics During This 2020. Has Been The Relevant Role Of Science In Our Society. We Took The Opportunity To. Interview Miquel Seguró, A Philosopher And Collaborating Professor At The Uoc, To Reflect On Philosophy In This Discipline And To Delve Deeper Into What We. Mean By Science, How It Has Evolv In A Philosophical Sense, And What Impact On Our Present.

Was Not The Case In Catalonia. Photograph Publish By Juan García Tristante. Wding In The Early Twentieth Century Homogamy, Marrying An “Equal” The Tendency Is To Marry. “Among Equals,” And This Is Becoming More And More Evident. Some Authors Such As Branko Milanovic Argue That This Behavior, Along With Other Factors. Is One Of The Reasons For The Increasing Socioeconomic Inequality Of The Present Time. So The Question Of The Candidates Has Always Been Important. Especially Between Certain Social Circles And Wealthy Classes As Part Of The Forging Of Certain Social Groups .

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Explosion Of Inbreeding The 19th Century, When Paradoxically The Marriage Markets Were Norway Phone Number xpanding, Either Due To The Demographic Transition Or A More Intense Urbanization… Marriages Are Often Celebrated Between Blood Relatives , Such As Marriages Between Cousins, Or Very Relatives -political Relatives- Marry. And Simultaneous Marriages Also Arise , That Is, On The Same Day Two Brothers Marry Two Sisters (From Two Different Families) Or The Son And Son Of Widow Contractors. But, In Addition, There Is Also An Increase In The So-call Levirats And Sororats. Thus, ”


Sometimes When The Woman Di The Widower Marri His Sister-in-law, The Sister Of The First Woman . ” In The Past, It Has Generally Been Observ That “Widows Were Marri Before Widows, Because If They Had Children They Us To Be A Barrier.” Harper`s Bazaar Usa (1916) Living Together Before Is A Step Towards Modernity Ancestors Was Strongly Link To Reproduction , As There Was A Supposed Celibacy. In The West, For Example, In The Past And Under Normal Conditions The Arrival Of A Child Was After

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The Mandatory 9 Months Of Pregnancy, Which Did Not Happen In Asia Where Marriage Did Not Involve Immediate Procreation. Now, On The Other Hand, The Vast Majority Of Couples Live Together First And Then Marry, Mostly, To Formalize Their Administrative Situation To Have Children (Or Once They Have Had One). People Who Work In The Factories Get Married More In December, As They Receive The “Christmas Presents” And Usually Have A Few Holidays Among Our Ancestors, However, There Was Also Cohabitation Between

Same-sex Couples. Many Of Them Had To Pretend To Be Friends . The Ecclesiastical Documentation Does Not Provide Data On These Lgtbi Couples, And The Civil One Has Existed Since The End Of The 19th Century, When In 1871 The Civil Registry Became Widespread . Therefore, “We Cannot Document That These Same-sex Unions Can Be Traced.” Marcela And Elisa , Two Teachers From A Coruña Who Got Married And To Whom Isabel Coixet Dedicated A Film However, A Characteristic Feature Of Today Is Co-responsibility , Which Is

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