There was a time, not too long ago, when television accounted for the vast majority of advertisers’ budgets, a result of the confidence that marketers had in this medium. However, it seems that these moments are part of the past of the small screen, since now the majority of professionals place their trust in other media, such as online video. This is the main conclusion that emerges from the latest report by BrigthRoll, Yahoo’s video platform, which analyzes the opinion of 70 professionals from the marketing and advertising industry. Research that establishes that there has been a significant increase in the attention these professionals now pay to online video.

Specifically, more than half of the agencies (57%) say that digital video ads are as effective or more effective than those on television and two out of three respondents by this company (65%) say that video Digital through mobile devices is the support that they have taken into account the most when it comes to increasing their online marketing budgets.

On the contrary, only 29% of the agencies assure that video is less effective than television and a quarter of those interviewed, 25%, assure that they increased the inclusion of an item of expenditure destined for  Estonia phone numbers list  digital video in their budgets , compared to those carried out last year. This increase is significant, since it is a much higher result than that obtained in 2011 by online video. Specifically, for Brith Roll, the represented increase in this item of spending for agencies stands at 456% in just three years.

At the same time, the agencies surveyed by this company also acknowledged having greater confidence towards scheduled online video advertising and indicated that they spend twice their budget on this item (18.8%) compared to 2013 (when this item was placed in 9.2%). Likewise, two thirds of the agencies (65%) agree that mobile video is the spending item that is experiencing the greatest increases by brands. In fact, 92% of the professionals surveyed say that it is “probable” that they will dedicate part of their budget to this format of advertising content.

Regarding the objectives they pursue, 8% indicate that the CTR is a relevant aspect for them, although it is an indicator that loses steam in importance, since it decreases in favor of the relevance that they visit generated by the online video represent for brands (31) as well as for the interest of improving the general vision of the company (28%) through this support. Finally, this report also reveals the specific reasons why advertising agencies choose to use this advertising medium. In this sense, targeting has become the most valuable aspect of online video for professionals in the sector. A capacity that is cited by 44% of the survey respondents.

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