All Yours is a brand born in Barcelona that aims to start an honest and ethical cosmetic revolution. It has a beautiful newly opened store in the heart of Barcelona. ​​Where it houses different European cosmetic brands, which have been carefully selected and have one thing in common. They pay great attention to the formulation of the products and the ingredients used . All yours store The store, which serves as a platform for small emerging brands, allows customers to discover the different products that the brand works with. In order to manage online and in-store sales in a unified way. All Yours has relied on the Shopify POS point of sale and has thus achieve. Reduce errors when re-entering data at the card reader terminal. Save significant time in inventory management . Streamline new employee onboarding with Shopify POS’s easy-to-use interface. Get instant insight into online and in-store sales performance.


As a new multi-brand business, All Yours did not want to use different systems for its physical and online store. As a small company, it didn’t make sense to use different processes to manage inventory, and they also wanted to make sure they were Austria Phone Number delivering a true omnichannel experience for their customers. Omnical customer experience all yours The brand had spent years researching cosmetics, ingredients, ethical packaging, and all things product-related, but had never considered which point of sale to use or how to provide the best omnichannel customer experience with a small team and multiple brands to manage.


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When they first started using Shopify POS, All Yours was amazed at how easy it was to set up. The POS application allows them to know in advance Bold Data when inventory is running low and manage all their stock from a single system. From the dashboard they can easily see which. Products are the most popular and get the information they need with just a few clicks.

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