Friends was relaunched through streaming. Platforms tencent bilibili sohu iqiyi and youku. The streaming platform is mostly owned by the asian giant. Alibaba friends is an american comedy icon of. Popular culture in certain parts of the world. The platforms first thing to remember, recently relaunched the series within. Their usual programming in china. Friends is an american comedy series. Which was and is a success before streaming platforms. Existed this television program had its first. Episode launched in 1994 reaching 10 seasons. Currently the series maintains a large number of fans around. The world and it is common for digital streaming. Content platforms to include it within. Their usual programming, however.

This Series Has Caused Various Problems in Recent

Point out that all things considered, within the platforms the. Accusing them of homophobia the television series was. Re-launched on various asian platforms as revealed by the asian giant alibaba being the streaming platforms. Tencent bilibili sohu iqiyi and youku causing fans. Of the series in china to consider that Senegal WhatsApp Number List various scenes have been. Edited including various scenes where the. Lgbti community is represented. It is worth mentioning that the reason for the censorship. Clear since the series was active from its first episode. Released in 1994 and until 2004 where a group. Of friends residing in new york city. Who were point often overlooked, played by jennifer aniston.

Courtney Cox Lisa Kudrow Matt Le Blanc Matthew

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Perry and david in the final analysis, schwimmer who live. A whole mess for the most part, full of adventures love. And partner swapping censorship of the. Lgbti community within the accusations and accusations. Towards asian streaming platforms various moments of the series. When talking about characters belonging to the lgbti. Community in addition to modifying the translations and subtitles. Downplaying references of a sexual nature. Made in subtitles a phrase (multiple orgasms) was. Modified by a chinese translation which when. Translated would say (women have multiple gossips). Deteriorating conversations of a sexual. Nature and most compelling evidence, promoting a stereotype towards women.

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