The beauty of this campaign is that it gives a second. Chance not only to an abandoned house in the heart. Of our town but it is also a second chance for the. Person who comes to live in it the opportunity of remote. Employment favors the airbnb initiative allowing. The interested party to live and work in another country. In exchange for free accommodation for one year the. Guest will host the house for airbnb the initiative seeks. To reactivate tourism in the area by. Promoting the restoration of a classic sicilian house.

The Dream of Any Traveler and Adventurer

To know the world and all that this time has to offer. And what better than this is free in some parts there are. Those who look for the Executive email list best offers at dawn others. Who substitute breath and a comfortable lodging for the. Opportunity to know and experience something else. However there are unique opportunities such as those. Offered today by airbnb who is looking for an adventurer. To live a whole year in sicily with free accommodation. This initiative seeks to encourage tourism within the. Italian region of sicily one year of accommodation. Is designed for an adventurer who can provide hosting. Services for a whole year in an italian heritage house.

Which Was Recently Restored to Become

Executive email list

A marvel of design, the temporary leasing company. Points out that it is thanks to the work at a distance that. Those interested will be able to live and work inside. The house in italy in addition the company indicates that. The interested party will be able to move with the. Company of his family, friend or partner. The house to live in is a three-story. Property located in sambuca which became famous for. The initiative houses at 1 euro the initiative was. Thought since during the last years the sicilian town along. With some others have registered a significant. Reduction within its inhabitants, hence the importance. Of the houses at 1 euro initiative launched. In 2018 which sought to promote cultural heritage. Encourage investment and seek constant younger tourism.

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