During an interview, I asked the candidate a question: What do you think you are best at as a designer? The Ecuador Phone Number candidate answered me that he is best at mobile design. Then I asked what are the mainstream mobile Ecuador Phone Number design specifications? He began to hesitate and couldn’t say why. I reminded him again how he did it when Ecuador Phone Number he was working on the mobile terminal. Did he refer to any design specifications? He summed it up for a long time, saying that he was going to refer to some more mature apps to see how they did it. Is there a problem with his answer? There is a problem, is it wrong?


I Asked the Candidate a Question Ecuador Phone Number

That’s right. But he didn’t focus on the problem, and he didn’t know anything about mature Ecuador Phone Number design specifications. Mature APP design specifications themselves are also reference coordinate systems; Ecuador Phone Number but they all have a lower-level specification Ecuador Phone Numbers, that is, iOS design specifications and Materia Design, etc. Mobile design specifications. His answer is more like knowing but not knowing why. These design specifications can be understood as a generally accepted and widely used methodology, and when we design, we use these design specifications intentionally or unintentionally. Make an output plan.

That’s Right. but He Didn’t Ecuador Phone Number

Ecuador Phone Number List
Ecuador Phone Number List

Mengxin designers start to draw when they get the demand, and they will think over and over Ecuador Phone Numbers when designing old fried dough sticks; Mengxin designers learn from the Middle East and the West in the Ecuador Phone Numbers design process, and use a complete design system in the design process of old fried dough sticks; When reviewing the design, he is always tight-lipped, and when designing the old fried dough sticks, he is eloquent when reviewing the design. What causes the difference between the two? This involves an important question in advanced design: when you are designing, do you have your own methodology? 1. What is a methodology

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