..As a basic control, the Navigation Bar, with its extremely high reuse rate and seemingly monotonous Chile Phone Number design style, often makes people habitually ignore many hidden details and the design reasons behind it. This article Chile Phone Number mainly discusses various combination possibilities and related design details in the visual and interactive aspects of the navigation bar, hoping to extract general design rules (the point of view is only a superficial personal analysis, if there is something wrong, I hope you can give me some pointers).

Monotonous Design Style Chile Phone Number

First, understand the role of the navigation bar The navigation bar is a basic component used Chile Phone Number to help users locate, navigate, and operate; it is not only responsible for notifying users of their current location, Chile Phone Number  preventing them from getting lost, but also connecting page jump paths, allowing users to come and go freely between interfaces at different levels, and at the same time. It carries the global operations for the current page. A brief overview of the role of the navigation bar, there are the following 6:

Component Used To Chile Phone Number

Chile Phone Number List
Chile Phone Number List

Positioning: inform the user of the current location; Navigation: Provide an exit to leave Chile Phone Numbers the current page, that is, return to the upper level (applicable to non-first-level pages); Provide global operations: generally exist in the form of icons, text, buttons or combinations; Flat level: represented by category tab, the essence is to aggregate multiple. Chile Phone Numbers related pages of the same level together; Increase brand exposure: generally placed in the upper left corner of the homepage; Explain the current state of the page: it is a transient state and changes dynamically. Second, sort out the common layout of the navigation bar. In fact, the layout of the navigation bar is very rich. In addition to the basic layouts mentioned above, there are many complex layouts. Different layouts reflect the information architecture of different pages.

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