Internet commerce is the great post-pandemic trend. It is estimated that at least in mexico by 2020 it is a scam. That just over 39 percent of the population made an online. Purchase whether of goods or services, this increase within the new form. Of consumption is due in part to the forced social distancing. Derived from the current pandemic however along with this. Important growth the latent risk of fraud and theft through. Apocryphal pages is also increasing uch is the. Case presented by a user who upon finding a dubious. Promotion did not hesitate to ask the city in networks.

A Situation for Which Bodega Aurrerá Warns

About the latent dangers of ecommerce today commerce. Is one of the consumption alternatives most used by mexicans. However it is estimated Algeria B2B List that during the past year. There was an increase of 52 percent in complaints related. To internet banking fraud or theft according to the national. Commission for the protection and defense of users. Of financial services (cond usef) at least 24,215 claims were. Registered with the dependency for situations of this nature. Bodega aurrerá warns the community immersed in the. Internet makes use of digital spaces such as social. Networks to satisfy their curiosity and warn about situations that. Could put the physical and moral integrity of consumers at risk.

To Which the Cm Warns Society About

Algeria B2B List

The danger of this type of fake promotions and advertisements. This type of situation demonstrates the importance of effective customer service. Despite the moment in which a purchase is generated. Since it is with this type of act that consumers generate. Trust within the consumer which can be translated into a favorable. Shopping experience and therefore organic loyalty. It is worth mentioning that treatment within digital networks. And platforms today is essential, due to the fact that within. A society immersed in the web it cannot be underestimated how. Susceptible internet users have become since it is through. Platforms such as twitter facebook and instagram among. Others that consumers open and generate debates about brands.

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